Friday, April 22, 2011

~ World's Biggest Hindu Temple~~

Swaminarayan Akshardham

BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham is a 100-acre Hindu temple complex in New Delhi , India . It aims to showcase Hinduism ' s ancient art, culture and spiritual heritage.

Since its opening in November 2005, Swaminarayan Akshardham has become a popular landmark of India ' s cultural and religious landscape, attracting more than five million visitors a year. It featured in the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book for being the largest Hindu temple in the world.
Lotus garden
Over 60 acres of the complex comprise various forms of landscaping. One part is the Lotus Garden , a lotus-shaped sunken garden with messages from great world thinkers sharing their faith in God and humanity.

Largest Hindu temple in the world

The central feature of the complex is the ornately hand-carved stone temple, or mandir . Built according to ancient Vedic texts, and measuring 356 ft (109 m) long, 316 ft (96 m) wide and 141 ft (43 m) high, it is the world ' s largest comprehensive Hindu temple.
It was built within five years by 11,000 artisans and volunteers of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, an international socio-religious organisation. 

Interior carvings

The temple is a fusion of pink sandstone on the outside and white marble on the inside, but with no structural steel used anywhere. The interior is filled with 234 ornately carved pillars, 9 ornate domes, and intricately designed ceilings. In total, there are more than 20,000 carved figures.

Elephant plinth

The temple stands on a 1,070 ft.-long plinth of 148 full-sized elephants carved entirely from stone. Together, they weigh 3,000 tonnes.

Interior carvings

The temple is a fusion of pink sandstone on the outside and white marble on the inside, but with no structural steel used anywhere. The interior is filled with 234 ornately carved pillars, 9 ornate domes, and intricately designed ceilings. In total, there are more than 20,000 carved figures

Elephant plinth

The temple stands on a 1,070 ft.-long plinth of 148 full-sized elephants carved entirely from stone. Together, they weigh 3,000 tonnes.

Stone colonnade
The temple and its surrounding area are garlanded by a 3,000 ft (214 m)-long two-tiered stone colonnade. It features 1,152 pillars, 145 windows and 154 cupolas. 

Monday, April 11, 2011


The Peanut Place, in Tolga, offers free peanut tastings.


In the center of Australia's second largest Hi Oleic Peanut growing region, The Peanut Place is a compulsory stop. With free taste testing, you can experience all of their scrumptious flavoured peanuts including Honey and Ginger, Sweet and Salty, Chilli and Lime, spicy Cajun or Curry, or Salt and Vinegar. Sweet tooths are spoilt for choice with butterscotch and caramel or honey flavoured peanuts and peanuts coated in sugar or chocolate, as well as peanuts in shell, raw, boiled and hot nuts. Fresh peanut butter is also available either unsalted or salted and made fresh on the premises without preservatives. If you like it hot you must try their new WASABI flavoured peanut! Only available from The Peanut Place.

 Hi Oleic peanuts have different oil chemistry to regular peanuts, with the oleic acid ratio closely resembling that of olive oil, ie with more monounsaturated fatty acid. This is a naturally bred characteristic, which has been crossbred into existing peanut varieties, and offers increased health benefits as well as longer shelf life.
Research has shown that just eating a handful of peanuts a few times a week can dramatically reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. This is due to the fatty acid profile of peanuts (high in monounsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fatty acids). In Hi Oleic peanuts, this difference is magnified with an even greater ratio of the good oleic acid present.
Like all plant foods, peanuts are cholesterol free and low in sodium. Peanuts can also assist with weight control by promoting satiety the feeling of fullness suppressing hunger

To greatly assist all discerning Australian and International
lovers of peanuts and peanut products we have
included this convenient fully secured facility

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flag of Australia
The flag of Australia is a defaced Blue Ensign: a blue field with the Union Flag in the canton (upper hoist quarter), and a large white seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star in the lower hoist quarter. The fly contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation, made up of five white stars – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars.
The Southern Cross is one of the most distinctive constellations visible in the Southern Hemisphere,] and has been used to represent Australia since the early days of British settlement Ivor Evans, one of the flag's designers, intended the Southern Cross to refer also to the four moral virtues ascribed to the four main stars by Dante: justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude. The number of points on the stars of the Southern Cross on today's Australian flag differs from the original competition-winning design, on which they ranged between five and nine points each, representing their relative brightness in the night sky. In order to simplify manufacture, the British Admiralty standardised the four larger outer stars at seven points each, leaving the smaller middle star with five points. This change was officially gazetted on 23 February 1903.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Griffith University

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Griffith is Australia’s ninth largest higher education provider.
  • Griffith now offers more than 300 degrees across five campuses and is home to more than 40 000 students from 124 countries.

1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia's most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region.
Plaza at Nathan Campus

  • Griffith were the very first university in Australia to offer degrees in Asian studies and Environmental studies to our students and we remain a pioneer in these fields.

Griffith  have grown to be a large multi-campus institution with internationally recognized strengths in teaching and research. 

Griffith  have 5 campuses span 3 cities between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, each with distinct areas of teaching and research strength and working closely with its local community
  • Established in 1971, Griffith opened its doors at Nathan in 1975 to 451 students in four schools: Australian Environmental Studies, Humanities, Modern Asian Studies and Science. 

    The Nathan Campus was designed by prominent Australian architect Robin Gibson and was the founding campus of the University.

    The university has a campus on High Street, Southport specifically designed and built for Oral Health and Medicine students called the "Center for Medicine and Oral Health". It contains lecture theatres, cadaver labs, pathology labs and a dental clinic which serves the public. Building has commenced for a new University Hospital at the Gold Coast campus, which is due to open in December 2012 and will replace most functions of the Centre for Medicine and Oral Health.
    On the Nathan campus, Campus Life[ supports many clubs including the long running GRUBS (Griffith University Bushwalking Club), The Karate and Kickboxing club and the Griffith UniversityAikido Club, recently incorporated and independent of the University. 

    Griffith University's Centre for Medicine and Oral Health building at the Gold Coast campus

    The Griffith UniversityRugby Union Club, established by Phil Verheijen in 2002, were runners up in the Northern University Games in 2005 and are consistently ranked in the top 6 at Australian University Games
    The Griffith University Australian Football Club (GUAFC) is an Australian rules football club formed in 2001, competing in the AFLQ State Association.
    The Griffith University Gladiators finished runners up in two of their first five seasons in the AFLSQ.
     The club plays out of Griffith's Nathan Campus, which features one of Queensland's leading amateur Australian football grounds with state-of-the-art playing lights and club rooms.
    Griffith University students are uniquely represented by two statutory embedded student organisations. 
    The Griffith University Student Representative Council (GUSRC) represents undergraduate students and the Griffith University
     Postgraduate Students Association (GUPSA) represents post-graduate students in all campuses apart from the Gold Coast.
    Griffith also has a significant representation of foreign students. Many (from the US or other Western nations) come for just one or two semesters, others for a longer period of time.
    Sports engineers come from a range of disciples that are involved with sports. These included sport science disciplines and engineering disciplines involved in the sports industry. Historically, they have an ME ng degree in Mechanical Engineering or Sports Engineering, and many go on to undertake further research in the form of a PhD.


    Education In The Digital Age
    In an age where technology is moving faster than Usain Bolt off of the starting line, you can’t help but wonder where it will end. From chalkboards to interactive digital whiteboards, from textbooks and pencils to tablet computers and iBooks, the world of education is constantly evolving to take advantage of the digital revolution. Online universities and materials downloaded straight to your mobile phone seem to be the beginning.
      i-studentadvisor are looking for talented writers to contribute an article about their experiences studying business or medicine related subjects, especially if they are studying overseas. 
    The winning article will feature alongside respected associations and societies in  magazines, and will be fully accredited .
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    Magazines are designed to help students research their study options and decide what, and where, to study.
     This means that the target audience for your article is generally pre-university students, and your article should promote the subject you study whilst giving information about your experiences
    THE competition is open to all undergraduate students currently studying a medicine or business related subject full-time.
    be studying in, any country in the world.

    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)has capitalized on strong international exchange partnerships to create a campus-wide strategic partnership model. With a largely non-traditional student population, IUPUI has created a culture on its Indiana campus that allows the campus and wider community to engage the world.

    Griffith University in Australia recently secured funding for a $21 million dollar research facilitythat will be the country’s first zero-emission and self-powered building driven by solar-hydrogen energy. Designed by Australia’s Cox Architects, the Sir Samuel Griffith Building will support the school’s environmental program while serving as a prime example of zero-energy construction for the rest of the country.

    griffith university 1

    griffith university 2

    Griffith University began the country’s first environmental school and has more than 5600 environmental science graduates to date, and the addition of this new sustainable building will help grow the program.

     The environmental center will be located in Nathan, Australia surrounded by Toohey Forest Conservation Park.

    Couran Cove from the air

      • Griffith University's strategic initiative in sustainable tourism research combines the expertise of the International Centre for Ecotourism Research,
      • The initiative operates cooperative research projects worldwide, with funds to support international visitors. It also offers competitive fee scholarships for international postgraduate students undertaking PhD studies supervised by its Faculty members.

      Griffith Business School is recognised by the Aspen Institute's ‘Top 100’ for its leadership in integrating social, environmental and ethical issues into its programs. It was the highest Australian ranking

      Griffith maintains world-class academic staff and significant industry partnerships around the world.

      • The Griffith Islamic Research Unit (GIRU) has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) in Malaysia. This serves to facilitate cooperation in matters of mutual interest between GIRU and IAIS.
      • Riesenrad Wheel of Brisbane und UniversitŠt Griffith University an der South Bank in Brisbane, Queensland, Australien | giant ferris wheel of Brisbane and Griffith University on South Bank in Brisbane, Queensland, Australien
      • Riesenrad Wheel of Brisbane und UniversitŠt Griffith University an der South Bank in Brisbane
      • Griffith University can approve the use of animals in Research Teaching and Film production under Queensland legislation by applying theAustralian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes . To grant such permission the University must, register with the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, ensure that Staff and Students can meet the required standards and be able to monitor their performance.
      • Griffith University is committed to the ethical use of animals for scientific purposes.