Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jenolan Caves:

Take a break from your world and visit the timeless seclusion of Jenolan Caves, where the beauty above and below ground are inspirational.

Underworld Exploration: Being underground draws on senses that you may not have experienced before. Imagine a maze of ancient limestone tunnels, subterranean rivers, and caverns richly draped with exotic mineral deposits. 

Aborigines first named the area Binnomea or Dark Places. By the 1830s European settlers started to explore the caves. Over 40kms of multi-level passageways have now been discovered beneath its mantle of eucalypt forest.

By the 1860s, many other explorers had followed Whalan's lead and found even more caves. Word of their remarkable discoveries spread and the JenolanCaves became a popular tourist destination. 

Unfortunately, some of those first visitors took "souvenirs" home with them and evidence of their destruction can still be seen. Thanks to local Parliamentarian John Lucas, after whom a cave has been named, the practice of breaking off stalagmites and stalagtites was made illegal in 1872. Since then, damage has been minimal.

Over 250,000 visitors come to explore the JenolanCaves each year.

Located between Bathhurst and Katoomba on the far Western edge of the Blue Mountains, JenolanCaves is one of Australia's premier country tourist destinations.